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AutoCopter Express GXL
15-lb Payload Gas Engine Helicopter!

AutoCopter Express GXL is a gas helicopter with the NRI neural network flight control system.  The autopilot flight maneuvers went very well - takeoff, hover (very tight), forward, climb, lateral, landing, and other functions.

AutoCopter Express GXL (Gas Powered)


62 inches

Main rotor  diameter:

71 inches

Flight Control:

Operator Directed & Fully Autonomous with GCS


Pilot controlled autorotation

Dry Weight:

15 lb.


15 lb.


Gasoline engine

Fuel Tank:

0.5 US gallons


Proximal 0.5 miles


460 minutes


Remote start

AutoCopter Express GXL includes a 4-bladed rotorcraft platform (with high performance gasoline engine) with integrated NRI flight system that can be flown autonomously or by operator with specific maneuvers. Specifically, this system can carry 15 lbs of payload at sea level and maintain flight duration of 60 minutes. 

It is based on the Vario Benzin Trainer helicopter – one of the most proven airframes in the industry.  Its lightweight and small size allows for a seamless transportation from one destination to another.  The system can be modified to fly for up to 2 hours while carrying a 10 pound payload.


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