Ground Station

Ground Control Station
A Full Line of Communication Center!


Demonstration pictures made by Mr. Perry Kavros

Ground Control Station Vehicles increase the mobile capability and provide a convenient operation to support mobilized activities.

Sentry Command Center Vehicles have a steady chassis without shaking and vibrating during the transporting. Also, Command Center vehicles have a walk-in body style which supports computer operation. 

18 Foot Mobile Sentry Command Center is shown as followings:

18-Foot Mobile Command Center from LDV, Wisconsin

30 Foot Mobile Sentry Command Center is shown as followings:

30-Foot Mobile Command Center from LDV, Wisconsin

The UAV Helicopters will develop and build a customized Ground Control Station (GCS) for the Advance UAV helicopters.  Major functions of Advance UA VGround Control Station include:

l         Flight Management System
l         Aircraft Status
l         GPS Satellite Map

 The Ground Control Station (GCS) will provide video as well as data monitoring capabilities. Key features of the UAV  Ground Control Station are: 

l         2D and 3D flight planning
l         Auto-routing
l         Grid search modes
l         Autonomous point and follow modes
l         Intelligent health monitoring
l         Real-time VGA Display

 The UAV Ground Control Station makes use of computing devices, such as rugged PDAs, Hand-held computers, tablet PCs and all notebook computers with user-friendly interface for easy operation.

 Ground Control Station is shown as below:


Flight Management System examples are:

Aircraft Status Work Space

GPS Satellite Map Work Space

The optional Ground Control Station (GCS) is a self-contained Windows-based application that unlocks the power of fully autonomous flight for the UAV Helicopters.  The GCS enables mission planning in 2D using stored satellite images.  Flight plans are uploaded to the UAV Helicopters via wireless data link and enable the aircraft to takeoff, fly its programmed route, and land fully autonomously.  During flight the aircraft state data (aircraft attitude, altitude, speed, and other parameters) are relayed to the GCS via wireless data links and displayed in real time on the GCS screen in 2D and 3D.

The joystick control enables the user to interrupt the planned flight and take control of the Advance UAV anytime during the autonomous mission.  The joystick can be used to maneuver the UAV Helicopters for any of the basic flight modes, including landing.  After assuming control of the UAV Helicopters with the joystick, the user may re-engage the fully autonomous mode and the aircraft will resume its programmed flight. Additionally, the GCS enables the user to save flight plans, export flight plans, obtain feedback for analysis, and import previously constructed flight plans.

The GCS range is limited only by the data link capabilities.  The  UAV Helicopters uses 900 MHz data links that are capable of 40+ miles with (Line-of-Sight) when configured with Yagi antennas.

Taiwan made Station D
emonstration pictures

Ground Control Station
A Full Line of Communication Center!



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