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Missiles with Fixed Wing
Missiles Fixed Wing UAV

AutoCopter Fixed Wing UAVs with Missiles are the best UAV up to now in this world. 

US Reaper with Missiles

US Predator Firing Missiles

The US Weapons are necessary for military application together with UVA launch and Skyguard.

The US Missiles Firing and its UVA devices are showed here.


US UVA Launch together with Skygard


TY-90 Car

China Fixed Wing Airplane New China UVA System

  TY-90, the advent of the continent is to strengthen the air defense capability of the Army Aviation.

Also, Red China is crazy obsessed with helicopter air combat, TY-90 air-to-air missile developed by the world's first independently developed a specialized helicopter gunship.

Model TY-90 Missiles Made in China

TY-90 missiles, with multiple infrared auto-seeker, have excellent anti-interference performance and attack capability.

TY-90 air-to-air missiles with hanging by helicopter gunship, is the world's first dedicated helicopter gunship developed and used to capture low altitude the air, to complete combat missions such as air combat, convoy, and battlefield interceptor.

We plan to do the Fixed Wing Airplane and Helicopters with Missiles for this world.


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