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Remote Controller

Futaba 9C Super 72 MHz radio transmitter

The Futaba 9C Super addresses the particular needs of glider pilots, with significant upgrades that make it the finest sailplane system you can buy. And with more memory, more functions and more flexibility for controlling all types of R/C aircraft the 9C Super is the complete radio package for the advanced aero-modeler.

 18 Model Memory

    Memory has been expanded to 12 models, and the 16K CAMPac module that's included adds another six models — bringing the total up to 18.

 A three-function timer, all on one screen

    Can be utilized as an up timer or down timer to keep track of total flying time (hours/minutes) for a particular model — and can be programmed to any of the switches, the power switch or the throttle stick.

 Helicopter Mode

    5-point Throttle Curve and Pitch Curve now feature a delay that makes for a smoother transition from hover to idle-up and better control.

    The throttle hold and idle-up can be assigned to any switch that feels more comfortable for the pilot.

    Hi/Low Pitch can be utilized to adjust the curves on the high side and low side for each flight condition.

With the Futaba Remote Controller, the operator can move the AutoCopter (via the joysticks on the radio transmitter) forward, backward, sideways, and vertically in “semi-autonomous” flight mode; or, using the optional Ground Control Station and GPS data, the AutoCopter flies in autonomous mode using pre-programmed waypoint navigation for a specific mission with a range of 1.5 (baseline) to 10~40 (with long distance data link) miles from base.


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