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US-10 Gas Engine
8Kg small weight payload and short endurance UAV

US-10 is a Rotorcraft Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with live video surveillance.

This UAV Helicopter a self-stabilizing and self-navigating, unmanned mini-helicopter that can be used as an aerial platform.  Applications include aerial photography, surveillance, combat, scout, inspection, and remote sensing.

US-10 with 8Kg payload and 2 hours endurance

US-10 Gas Engine has 8Kg payload capacity and flying endurance is for 2 hours.

US-10 Gas Engine Specifications

A Gas Engine, 8 Kg Payload Mini Helicopter!

Length, Width, Height:

1470 mm x 510 mm x 685 mm mm

Main rotor diameter:

2010 mm

Tail rotor diameter:

360 mm

Flight control software:

Fully autonomous flight Auto takeoff and landing Unlimited waypoints with in flight retaking Failsafe “return to home” Long range telemetry* up to 30Km or through 3G network or satellite link


120 Km/h (AFCS Limited)

Climb Rate:

122/m/min (AFCS Limited)

Onboard Generator:

150 W 12V with battery backup


Pilot controlled autorotation

Dry Weight:

16 Kg


8 Kg


23cc Gas Engine


802.11 based, 800 m LOS


Approximately 3 miles, 10~40 miles with long range data link


More than 2 hours depending on payload options

Safety Control:

2.4 GHz, 800 m LOS, 4KM Max



Full Autonomous Flight Ground Control Station:

(Including laptop computer, radio modems and carry case)

  • Satellite map display

  • Gaming joystick control

  • Real time update of aircraft position

  • 10 miles long range data link with live video

  • 20 miles long range data link without live video

US-10 Gas Engine is capable of flying 120 Km per hour with 2 hour aloft time on standard tanks and can deliver live video to the ground console within a diameter of 10 miles at 1500 feet altitude.


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