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US-20 Gas Engine
20~25Kg medium weight payload and long endurance UAV

US-20 is a self-stabilizing and self-navigating, unmanned mini-helicopter that can be used as an aerial platform.  Applications include aerial photography, surveillance, scout, inspection, and remote sensing.


US-20 with 20Kg payload and more than 4~6 hours endurance

US-20 20Kg payload capacity is designed for the most advanced AT-200 and flying durance is more than 6 hours.

US-20 Specifications


US-20 with 20Kg payload and more than 6 hours endurance

Length, Width, Height:

2790 mm x 760 mm x 860 mm

Main rotor diameter:

3200 mm

Tail rotor diameter:

700 mm

Flight control software:

Fully autonomous flight Auto takeoff and landing Unlimited waypoints with in flight retaking Failsafe “return to home” Long range telemetry* up to 30Km or through 3G network or satellite link


160 Km/h (AFCS Limited)

Climb Rate:

122/m/min (AFCS Limited)

Onboard Generator:

450 W 12V with battery backup


Pilot controlled autorotation

Dry Weight:

25 Kg


22.7 Kg


121cc Gas Engine 8.7 HP 2 Stroke


802.11 based, 800 m LOS


Approximately 1.5 miles, 10~40 miles with long range data link


More than 6 hours depending on payload options

Safety Control:

2.4 GHz, 800 m LOS, 15KM Max350 Kg




Main rotor diameter 3.2 m
Tail rotor diameter 0.65 m
Main rotor speed 840 rpm
Empty weight (no fuel, no payload) 44 kg
Gasoline engine 100 ccm
Engine power (approx.) 18 HP
Electric starter (onboard included) 12V
Fuel tank volume (standard) 2 x 5.0 l
Material of rotor blades carbon
Material of body aluminum
Engine cooling system air-cooled
Length 3.3 m
Width 0.5 m



○.      Gasoline powered

○.      Fully autonomous flight with auto takeoff and landing.

○.      Day video standard, other cameras, video, and sensor packages optional

○.      Up to 6 hour flight time

○.      1.5km standard telemetry range (long range optional)

US-20 is capable of flying 160KM per hour with 4~6 hours aloft time on standard tanks and can deliver live motion pictures to the ground console within a diameter of 10~40 miles at 1200~1500 feet altitude.


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