US-350 Gas Engine
350Kg heavy weight payload and long endurance UAV

US-350 is heavy weight payload and long endurance helicopter with self-stabilizing and self-navigating.

Applications include aerial photography, surveillance, scout, inspection, and remote sensing.   This advanced UAV 350Kgs payload capacity with 6 hours flying is currently the most heavy load and longest endurance.

US-350 with 350Kg payload and 6 hours endurance

US-350 has the following specifications:

US-350 Specifications

A Gas Engine, 350Kg Payload and 6 Hours Endurance Helicopter!

Length, Width, Height:

7350 mm x 1645 mm x 2279 mm

Main rotor diameter:

6840 mm

Tail rotor diameter:

1290 mm

Flight control software:

Fully autonomous flight Auto takeoff and landing Unlimited waypoints with in flight retaking Failsafe “return to home” Long range telemetry* up to 30Km or through 3G network or satellite link


160 Km/h (AFCS Limited)

Climb Rate:

122/m/min (AFCS Limited)

Onboard Generator:

450 W 12V with battery backup


Pilot controlled autorotation

Dry Weight:

300 Kg


350 Kg


3500cc Gas Engine145 HP 4 Stroke


802.11 based, 800 m LOS


Approximately 1.5 miles, 10~40 miles with long range data link


More than 6 hours depending on payload options

Safety Control:

2.4 GHz, 800 m LOS, 15KM Max




  • Gasoline powered

  • Fully autonomous flight with auto takeoff and landing

  • Day video standard, other cameras, video, and sensor packages optional

  • Up to 6 hour flight time

  • 1.5Km standard telemetry range (long range optional)

US-350 is display its flying image and standby to the helicopter world.  It is new age of UAV helicopter, the power of unman aerial system.

Now we are ready.

It is US-350.

It is US-350 and me.

It is US-350 and car.

It is US-350 and the Air Jet.

US-350 is capable of flying 160KM per hour with 6 hours aloft time on standard tanks and can deliver live motion pictures to the ground console within a diameter of 10~40 miles at 1200~1500 feet altitude.

This US-350 is a heavy duty helicopter for long range missions and able to carry out necessary load and longest endurance.




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